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Pricing Information


$350 for an hour session. A minimum of 20 full resolution hand-edited  in an online gallery. 


$2,200 for six hours event coverage. Full resolution hand-edited images in an online gallery for easy viewing, downloading and sharing.

Travel Costs

For distances greater than 20 miles from South Point, OH, mileage fees are 58.5¢ per mile (round trip). For example, if the wedding is 75 miles from South Point, the travel cost would be $87.75 ($0.585 x 150 miles [round trip] ).


In addition for out of town weddings distancing 90-150 miles from the South Point area, a time and expense fee of $375 will be added to package total.


For distances greater than 150 miles from the South Point area, please contact me.


Call or text: 740.568.8018           Connect!

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