Pricing Information


$200 for an hour session. A minimum of 20 full resolution hand-edited  in an online gallery. 


$1,650 for eight hours event coverage. Full resolution hand-edited images in an online gallery for easy viewing, downloading and sharing.
Hourly rate available upon request.

Travel Costs

For distances greater than 20 miles from South Point, OH, mileage fees are $0.50 per mile (round trip). For example, if the wedding is 100 miles from South Point, the travel cost would be $100.00 ($0.50 x 200 miles [round trip] ).


In addition for out of town weddings distancing 90-150 miles from the South Point area, a time and expense fee of $375 will be added to package total.


For distances greater than 150 miles from the South Point area, please contact me.




Call or text: 740.568.8018           Connect!

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