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My name is Maggie! After almost eight years of living out this dream I get to call my job, I still gush over wedding details, cry often during vows, and swoon over the sweetest brides on their special day! I am beyond honored to be asked to accompany incredible couples on one of the most intimate and meaningful days of their lives!


Christ is the light of my life and I try to reflect that light in my interactions with everyone I meet. I am head over heels in love with my husband and our two children. I met Nick when I was sixteen, and knew that day that I wanted to marry him. We were married right out of college. Couples starting their lives together hold a special place in my heart. Weddings are my passion and I can't wait to be apart of your journey!

If you try to love with everything you have, have ever been told you smile too much, talk about your fiancé with a voice slightly higher than your normal tone, get embarrassingly giddy over gorgeous flowers, have considered buying stock in dry shampoo, or have spent countless hours of your life deciding on a shade of lipstick, please message me. We will be great friends!

Can't wait to meet you!!

Maggie Bogdan

Call or text: 740.568.8018           Connect!

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